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SNAP benefits will decline on November 1, 2013

When will I see the drop in benefits?

 Cuts go into effect on November 1, 2013, so the SNAP benefit amount you  receive will be less starting in November. This is a permanent benefit cut.

 How much will my total benefit cut be?

SNAP benefits are based on monthly household income, expenses and household size. Your actual benefit cut will vary according to your household, but this chart shows the maximum possible cut that each family could experience.


Maximum SNAP Benefit Cut by Household Size Beginning Nov 1

# of People in Your Household

Maximum Monthly Benefits Through October 2013

Maximum Monthly Benefits Beginning November 2013

Monthly Benefit Cut

Annual Loss of Benefits






















Why are my benefits going down?

 SNAP benefits are being cut because of legislation passed by the United States Congress in 2010. You should be aware that Congress is also considering additional, larger cuts to SNAP benefit levels and eligibility right now.

What can I do about it?

 You can help prevent these cuts by calling or emailing your member of Congress. You can also sign City Harvest’s petition to Congress and The President of the United States at:

 For more information please contact Daniel – 718-773-3551 x 112