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A Community's Approach to Caring

The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH) is one of the most trusted anti-hunger nonprofits working vigorously to end hunger and build health in NYC.  Our mission is to empower vulnerable New Yorkers to live healthier, more productive, and self-sufficient lives by providing access to safe, nutritious food and vital resources. TCAH’s strategic approach to food equity provides strength and dignity to the New Yorkers we serve.

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Making Food Accessible


Food Distribution & Access

The combined efforts of our pantries and food distribution center operations have provided groceries for over 20 million meals in year one of this new model. Improved access to nutritious food options translate to improved community health.

Empowering the Youth

Every summer, TCAH hires a cohort of young adults to participate in a Green Teens Internship Program for 10 weeks in the summer and a Green Teens Workforce Program for 10 months throughout the changing seasons.

Urban Farming & Education

Urban farming and environmental stewardship are at the heart of what we do at TCAH. We currently cutivate the following urban farms - Far Rock Farm, Saratoga Farm, Eastern Parkway Farm and Arverne East Farm


COVID-19 has had a drastic effect on all our lives, but it has impacted the poor the most. Since the announcement of the lockdown, Breadline Africa has been supporting emergency feeding programmes in poor communities to alleviate hunger.


TCAH has served over 2 million individuals, established 250 new community partnerships, two temporary community food distribution centers of approximately 30,000 SF in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway, and continues to grow and cultivate 20,000 pounds of nutrient-rich foods on its urban farms. 

TCAH’s annual impact has grown exponentially. TCAH has expanded its reach in the community and reconfigured its programming to accommodate our new normal while continuing to reach neighbors battling other socio-economic challenges.

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A Safe Haven for families in need


TCAH’s wraparound care services to support immigrant asylum seekers in New York City is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide essential assistance and resources to individuals seeking refuge and protection in our community. The program recognizes the unique challenges faced by asylum seekers and aims to address their immediate needs while facilitating their integration into the local community.

The program offers a range of services, including legal aid, case management, counseling, and access to healthcare. Skilled immigration attorneys work closely with asylum seekers to guide them through the complex legal processes, helping them prepare their asylum applications and representing them in immigration court proceedings. This support is crucial in ensuring that asylum seekers have a fair chance to present their cases and seek protection.

The program prioritizes mental health and psychosocial support, recognizing the emotional toll and trauma experienced by asylum seekers. Qualified counselors and therapists offer culturally sensitive services, creating a safe space for individuals to address their emotional well-being and cope with the challenges they have faced in their home countries.

Collaboration with community organizations, volunteers, and local stakeholders is a fundamental aspect of the program. These partnerships help expand the reach of services and provide additional support networks for asylum seekers. Public awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts are also carried out to foster understanding, promote empathy, and advocate for policies that protect the rights and dignity of asylum seekers.

TCAH’s care services also include advocacy and  a commitment to upholding human rights and providing a welcoming environment for those seeking safety and refuge. Through a holistic approach that combines legal assistance, case management, mental health support, and community collaboration, the program strives to empower asylum seekers and facilitate their successful integration into society.