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Embark on a Journey of Impact and Innovation

Are you a young adult ready to make waves and spark change in your community? Look no further! The Campaign Against Hunger invites you to dive into a world of possibilities and empowerment through our dynamic and transformative programs.

Whether you find your calling in the artistry of cooking with our Culinary Arts Program, cultivate change in urban agriculture as part of the Green Teens Workforce, or raise your voice for social justice at the Voices of Change Conference, we offer a platform for you to ignite your passion, develop invaluable skills, and make a lasting impact.

Join us on this exhilarating journey to challenge the status quo, foster food security, and contribute to a safer, more equitable world.

Your adventure towards making a difference starts here!

Are you ready to seize the opportunity and become a catalyst for change?

Culinary Arts Program Cooking Skills as a Tool for Change

Attention all young adults aged 18-24 with a passion for cooking and a desire to make a meaningful impact! The Campaign Against Hunger warmly welcomes you to the Culinary Arts Program, where we transform your culinary enthusiasm into a powerful force against food insecurity, all while providing you with professional skills and compensation for your commitment.

Harnessing Culinary Skills for Community Empowerment:

Paid Learning Experience

This unique program offers more than just cooking lessons; it’s a compensated opportunity to grow your culinary skills and learn how cooking can be an empowering tool in the fight against food insecurity.

Comprehensive Skill Development

Regardless of your current culinary level, our program provides extensive hands-on training, guiding you from basic kitchen skills to advanced culinary techniques. There is always something new to learn and ways to enhance your capabilities.

Cooking for a Cause

Discover the profound impact that culinary skills can have on addressing food insecurity. By participating in our program, you contribute directly to creating nutritious meals and fostering food stability in the community.

Build Connections and Make an Impact

Join a network of mentors and peers who share your culinary passion and commitment to social change. Together, we are creating a movement that uses food as a vehicle for community transformation and empowerment.

Green Teens Internship & Workforce Development and Training Program

The Campaign Against Hunger’s Green Teens program trains 45 youths (14-24) in sustainable agriculture, echoing the city’s push for greener spaces and infrastructure.

In a standout achievement, GT’s cultivated over 18,000 pounds of produce, bolstering TCAH’s self-sustainability by reducing dependence on external food sources.
This yield, valued at tens of thousands of dollars, not only demonstrates urban farming’s economic impact but also strengthens our organization’s resilience and contribution to local food security.

Our Green Teens are not just learning about agriculture; they are vital contributors to a more sustainable, economically vibrant, and self-sufficient urban community.

Cultivating Change and Empowering Futures

Green Teen
  • Between 14-18 years of age
  • Work 20-25 hours per week starting July
  • Work 10 hours per week from Sept-Nov
  • Work 5 hours per week from Dec-March
  • Work in Brooklyn and the Rockaway
  • Able to work outdoors in all weather
Green Teen Workforce Program
  • Between 18-24 years of age
  • 10 month program
  • Work in Brooklyn and the Rockaway
  • Able to work outdoors and in all weather
  • Available to work 20-25 hours per week

Minority Youth

Addressing Gun Violence

Tackling Poverty

Empowering a New Generation to Break the Chains of Inequality and Violence

Greetings, young trailblazers and advocates for change! Following the triumphant launch of our inaugural event in 2023, The Campaign Against Hunger is thrilled to invite you to the second annual “Voices of Change” Youth Conference – a powerful platform for dialogue, learning, and collective action.



Your Voice Has the Power to Transform Communities

Understand the Connections

Dive deep into the complex web of social issues, and explore the causal relationship between food insecurity and gun violence. Understand how empowering communities through food access can be a catalyst for safer streets and brighter futures.

Network for Change

Connect with like-minded peers and mentors who are actively working to create safer, more equitable communities.

Raise Your Voice

Learn and practice effective advocacy to dismantle the structures that perpetuate inequality and violence

Develop Key Skills

Participate in workshops designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to address the root causes of food insecurity and violence.

Be Inspired and Inspire

Hear from young activists who are making strides in breaking the cycle of violence and hunger, and share your own story of change and resilience.

Building on Our Legacy: Voices of Change 2023 

Reflecting on Success:  Our inaugural conference in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway laid the foundation for critical conversations and community-driven solutions. We celebrated stories of courage, community, and change.

A Bolder Vision for 2024: This year, we’re delving deeper, challenging ourselves to tackle the intertwined issues of food insecurity and gun violence, and empowering you to be part of the solution.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Drive Change with Us – Voices of Change 2024: Last year, we ignited a spark. This year, we fan the flames of change. Your passion, your voice, and your determination are the keys to creating safer, healthier communities.

Let’s unite to tackle the root causes of food insecurity and violence, and build a future filled with hope, equality, and justice.